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Allow us to capture your natural beauty. Our maternity sessions are offered in the comfort of our Pearland studio, or outdoors.  A collection of dresses, fabrics and  lace robes are available for studio sessions.  Maternity sessions book several weeks, or even months in advance. Please plan accordingly and reserve your session as early as possible.



• 30 Minutes session 

• 1 Gown and flowy fabric (provided)

• 5 High-resolution edited Digital Portraits

•Spouses can be included.




• 1 Hour Maternity Session in Studio

• Up to 2  Hour Newborn & Family Session in Studio

• 20 High Resolution & Edited Downloads [10 Maternity/10 Newborn]

• Spouses and Children can be included.




• 30 Minutes session 

• 2 Looks (1 Gown/flowy fabric/nude (provided) plus1 additional personal outfit )

• 10 High-resolution edited Digital Portraits

•Spouses can be included.




• 1 Hour session

•  Up to 3 Looks Gown/flowy fabric/nude (provided)

• 15 High-resolution edited Digital Portraits

• • Spouses and Children can be included.



  • Maternity portraits are generally captured around 30-34 weeks, when your belly is beautifully round and you’re still feeling comfortable for a variety of poses. Of course maternity portraits may be captured up to the very last day of pregnancy, and we try our best to allow flexibility in our calendar for last-minute openings. With your glowing skin and lustrous hair, there’s no time more beautiful in a woman’s life. Timing can be different for everyone, so please be in touch as soon as possible to book your appointment.


 I am feeling insecure about how I look during my pregnancy, and I am not sure I want my picture taken? We understand how to pose a pregnant woman in the most flattering ways, and we take time to carefully perfect each pose. We will gently guide you throughout your session to perfect all the little details, and make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed during your maternity session.  Professional studio lighting allow us to capture a variety of beautiful concepts, from high-key and low-key concepts with the white backdrop to dramatic silhouettes and abstracts on the darker backdrops. Although we have our own signature workflow, you’re welcome to provide inspiration if you have 2-3 concepts that you would love to capture during your session.


  • We have a variety of wardrobe options in our studio, including fitted maternity gowns, lace robes, and silk fabrics to accentuate your curves. You can view samples in our portfolio. If you’d like to bring along a particular maternity style, we highly recommend Sew Trendy Accessories, Etsy or Amazon.  We also specialize in capturing tastefully implied nude portraits that showcase the beautiful curves of pregnancy. We will discuss the vision for your portraits beforehand. 

  • Undergarments: It’s best to start with a good base. Wear nude undergarments that are in good condition. Ideally, I’d like you to bring a nude strapless bra in case we decide to use some of the studio gowns. However, most women don’t have a strapless maternity bra so it’s completely fine to just tuck the straps out of sight.

  • Why invest in professional hair and make-up? Professional hair and make-up DO make a difference in maternity photos. I know this is a beautiful but stressful time in your life and hiring someone to do your hair and makeup for your shoot is a wonderful way to pamper yourself to that you don’t have to worry about it. If this isn’t in your budget, stores like MAC and Ulta can be helpful. If you do your own make-up, date night makeup works like a dream




  • We photograph fully clothed maternity photos, as well as tastefully implied nudes. Many clients like to capture a combination of both, so you’ll have intimate portraits for your bedroom and more conservative silhouettes for the nursery. Our wide assortment of wardrobe options and silk fabrics allows you the freedom to select the styles that best suit your personal desires. Your comfort during the photo shoot is always our priority.

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